It is easy to do effective home cardio work outs. They can helpful alternative if you are short of time or you don’t feel up to braving the weather conditions.

What is cardio?

When most people think of cardiovascular (cardio) exercises, the first activities that come to mind are running, cycling, or swimming.

Cardio is defined as any type of exercise that gets your heart rate up and keeps it up for a prolonged period of time. Your respiratory system will start working harder as you begin to breathe faster and more deeply. Your blood vessels will expand to bring more oxygen to your muscles, and your body will release natural painkillers (endorphins).

Here are some examples of home cardio work outs that don’t need much equipment, just good form and a bit of discipline.

Skipping / jump rope

Good for agility and done properly can be an excellent cardio work out.

Jumping rope is high impact and requires practice. For the best results, turn the rope with the wrists, not the arms, and land softly. Only jump high enough to clear the rope.

Build up to alternating 30-60 seconds of jumping with strength exercises, such as squats, lunges, push-ups etc.burpees 3


This is a personal favourite. Squat on the floor, jump your feet to a plank position, jumpback in and stand up.

Recognise that it’s a high impact exercise. Take it slowly to begin with, but, done properly it’s a highly effective full body exercise.

burpees burpees 2

Mountain Climbers

Get in a plank position and run the knees in and out.

Mountain climbers raise the heart rate while building strength and endurance in the core. No special skills are needed.


The inchworm is a full-body exercise that improves mobility and tests shoulder strength.

To perform:

  • Start in a standing position, reach down and touch the toes briefly before walking the hands out to a pushup position.
  • Perform a pushup, then walk the feet toward the hands and lift the hips upwards, similar to the downward dog position.
  • Inch the feet as close as possible toward the hands before walking the hands out to return to the pushup position.

Bear crawl

The Bear Crawl is a full body exercise. Start in a pushup position. While keeping the knees off the ground and bent, crawl forward by alternating leg and arm movements.  Keep the torso level and abs supported.

Exercise bike

Use an exercise bike or turbo trainer to get an effective cardio workout. This is a low impact, low risk exercise that can help burn fat and get your heart rate up.

Kettlebell swings

Kettlebells are arguably the most versatile tool in your home gym. They can be uses for strength work outs, but they can also provide good cardio workout.

The classic kettlebell swing strengthens your core, grip arms and shoulders as well as raising your heart rate.

You don’t much equipment to get an effective home cardio workout. Do it today!

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